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Latinos M-POWER

Latinos M-POWER
The Latino Community Development Agency has over 15 years of experience in tobacco control, first as HLTEN, part of the Ethnic Tobacco Education Network, and currently as the Latinos M-POWER Program. Latinos M-POWER is currently working to address tobacco control and obesity within the Hispanic/Latino community in Oklahoma, Texas, and Tulsa counties.
Our mission is to engage the Hispanic/Latino community in combating tobacco abuse and obesity to improve health.
Our purpose is to:
  • reduce exposure to secondhand smoke
  • increase the number of non-tobacco/former tobacco users
  • increase opportunities for physical activity
  • increase access to healthy foods
  • identify disparities
  • address health equity
Our vision is that the Hispanic/Latino community in Oklahoma will choose to eat better, move more, and live tobacco-free.
Contact us if you would like help creating a tobacco-free and wellness policy for your business. We also provide free promotional materials and continuing education information to stay relevant on today’s health concerns.


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