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Hope is Alive

Hope is Alive

To radically change the lives of drug addicts, alcoholics, and those that love them.

A program in which 100% of our graduates are still sober for the rest of their lives, where we have homes all across the United States in which our graduates lead these programs, and lead men/women to long term sobriety each and every day.

Where our men/women have changed the face of recovery worldwide. Where each of our graduate’s stories have been told thousands of times, written about and followed by other men/women like an instruction manual to radical life change.

The Hope is Alive Program is a responsible for millions of months of sobriety, and thousands of lives saved. We will redefine the way people get and stay sober. We will radically change the way, on a basic level, humans interact with each other, always offering grace and kindness, but not backing down on holding others accountable.


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