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City of Yukon

City of Yukon

 You know what our town is all about even before you get here. At night, on the darkened prairie, you can see it from miles away, a message glowing like a beacon on a sign atop our historic flour mill: YUKON’S BEST. Not only does this sign represent the hard work and fierce determination of the millers who toiled beneath it; it is a beacon for those seeking an environment that celebrates and rewards heartfelt effort.

Yukon’s Best is also our community’s statement of purpose. A reminder of what we’re always striving to be. A reflection of our commitment to do things right, whether it’s making the flour that our town was long known for or crafting the traditional kolaches from our Czech bakeries, educating our children or making visitors feel welcome with a big howdy and a bigger smile. 

Maybe it’s just coincidence that Yukon marks the junction of two iconic routes that Americans have long traveled in pursuit of a more rewarding future. And maybe it’s only happenstance that our town’s founder, more than a century ago, named Yukon for a place that seekers and optimists were rushing to in search of gold. In settling here, he endowed our town not just with a name but with an attitude that proudly, defiantly said, “You don’t have to keep traveling to find the better life you’re looking for. You can make it right here.” That’s what Yukon still says today, in the bold sign atop our flour mill and, in less tangible ways, everywhere you look in our community

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  • Yukon just brings out the best in people. And we think that’s a message worth putting in lights.

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