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City of Harrah

City of Harrah

The City of Harrah has a 2016 population of 5,714 residents (U.S. Census American Community Survey) and
includes about 12.75 square miles located on the southeast edge of Oklahoma County. Present day Harrah was
settled by Louis Navarre, a Potawatomi, in the early 1870s. E.W. Sweeney began operating a ferry and a bridge
in the 1890s, which opened the area to travel and commerce. As the area’s suitability for agriculture was realized,
Frank Harrah purchased 40 acres from Louis Navarre in 1898, which he promoted as the new City of Harrah; the
community incorporated in 1908.

The community’s agricultural success led to the development of roads and a railroad stop, and, in 1923, the
Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company selected Harrah for an electric generating station; it remains a source of
power and jobs for Harrah to this day. As the suburbs of Oklahoma City grew closer to Harrah in the 1950s, an
effort was made to revive Harrah’s unique history; the downtown was brought back from near abandonment, and
local farms and orchards have once again become a source of agriculture and tourism.

Harrah has been known for its school system since the early 1900s, a factor that still attracts families to the City.
Most recently, the City has begun prioritizing quality of life factors such as parks and coordinates with civic
organizations and the historical society to organize annual events.


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