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Blocworks Indoor Climbing Gym

Blocworks Indoor Climbing Gym

Climbing at Blocworks is designed around a set of 6 color coded climbing circuits. Each circuit has, on average, twelve boulder problems and is designed to provide climbers with a variety of challenges. We have technical slab (or low angle climbing) which requires precise and confident footwork and powerful overhangs (or steeper climbing) requiring strength from head to toe including your core.

With our top shelf hold selection, varying wall angles and experienced routesetting team you will constantly be rewarded and challenged while climbing on our circuits at Blocworks. Our vision is to help every climber, at every level develop a well-rounded set of skills. To keep our climbers motivated and walls fresh, we reset a large section of climbs weekly. Old holds come down – new holds and challenges go up. Every week.


M-TH | 10a-10p
FRI | 11a-10p Little Blocs 9-11a
SAT | 8a-8p
SUN | 1p-8p

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